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Business Owners:

Are you looking for dynamic growth?

Do you understand how the 5 key performance indicators in your business can be guarantees of dynamic growth for revenues and profits?

Major Momentum will assist you in developing your business, mentoring you in forecasting, planning, implementing, and reporting fast growing revenues and profits, concentrating on...

We guarantee you that by developing just 10% extra in each of these 5 key areas of your business you will increase your revenues by 46% and your profits by 61% (See our Case Studies below)

When sales growth occurs in business, investments in team, stock, systems and premises, are in most cases, necessary to sustain it.

“A Business Development System that has delivered wealth, and the time off to enjoy it, to our Business Owner Clients”

Major Momentum's System that delivers business owners...

...a profitable company that will run day to day without having to be there continually.

Develop You.

Are you, the Business Owner, constantly developing yourself to increase your performance?

We will mentor you on a weekly basis, keeping you accountable and ensuring you benefit from...

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job” - Jim Rohn

  1. Better self-awareness and self-reflection.
  2. Increased individual performance.
  3. Higher motivation and commitment.
  4. Better leadership skills.
  5. Personal growth.
  6. Higher quality of life/work balance.
  7. Clarity in purpose and meaning.
  8. Better management of change processes.
  9. Improved communication and relationships.
  10. Efficient implementation on acquired skills.
  11. Sustainable form of personal development.

Do you really know what it is?

We will ensure you understand how you Lead your Team to implement sustained success without your hands on, day by day, involvement in the business.

By developing your business knowledge and coupling it with Leadership & Management techniques, you will build indefatigable morale and a company culture that will deliver consistently growing revenues and profits.


Do you know how to turn your good team into a brilliant team?

Your Major Momentum Leader will mentor you to lead your team and benefit from...

Want to create a brilliant team?

  1. People, managing the individual, leading the team, achieving the task.
  2. Marketing strategy, understanding how to target your market, make the offer, and write copy.
  3. Sales, professionally assisting people to buy and giving remarkable customer care.
  4. Systems, databases, written, recorded and video "how to" procedures.
  5. Finance, Banks, Factors, Accountants, Financial Advisers, Wealth Advisers.

Together Everybody Achieves More

If you could find an organisation that will give your company the following benefits would you engage them?

Your benefits.

  1. Improved organisational performance.
  2. Higher profitability/return on investment/productivity/sales.
  3. Better staff motivation and retention.
  4. Less absenteeism.
  5. Buy in to organisational values and behaviours.
  6. Better flexibility/ability to change.
  7. More effective communication.
  8. Open and productive organisational culture.
  9. Realising the learning organisation.
  10. Sustainable form of learning and development.

Engaging Major Momentum can cost less in 1 year than the cost of a junior employee.

Want to find out more about how Major Momentum can help you develop your Business?

Need help?

To help you develop and sustain the growth of your business, here are 8 steps we recommend you follow:

Major Momentum guarantee client satisfaction and will return last month's fees if this is not occurring.

  1. Call us for a no obligation chat about your business circumstances.
  2. We will advise you on how our services will suit you best.
  3. If your interest is sustained then we will send you a questionnaire.
  4. On receipt of the completed questionnaire you will receive a call to discuss the prospects of a meeting.
  5. Providing a successful outcome for your business can be envisaged an appointment can be made.
  6. We will invite you to our offices to commence the formulation of a Free Business Plan Template.
  7. On completion of the Business Plan Template, both parties can decide if the Business Plan is viable.
  8. If the decision is that the Business Plan is viable then time frames can be decided upon and agreements can be signed.

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Your free Business Plan Template.

Drawn up by you and M-M. 

Implemented by you. 

Supported weekly by M-M.

With the relevant information gathered Major Momentum will work with you to model a Business Plan Template. (BPT) Providing the BPT shows that your Business will respond profitably to development a programme can be set.

  1. Narrative of Vision, Purpose & Culture.
  2. Forecasting, Planning, Actioning, Reporting system.
  3. The Marketing & Sales process or flow.
  4. Plan 5 main KPI's.
  5. Organisation Chart.
  6. Managing Directors Job Specification.
  7. Team Job Specification.
  8. Wage Structure.
  9. Team Loading and Productivity System.
  10. Task Matrixes.
  11. Profit & Loss Forecasts.
  12. Cash-flow Forecasts.
  13. Profit & Loss Forecasts versus Actual results.

Your Business Plan Template consists of...

Great growth.

Our nurture yields results, naturally.

See the heights we can reach with our client case studies below.

Case Study 1 - Doors

  1. Consistency of offer and tenacious attitude of founder.
  2. Recruitment and development of team.
  3. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  4. Exceptional PPC-SEO strategies and website development
  5. Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report system routines.
  6. Action Centred Leadership and Management.

Main reasons for 400% increase in revenues over 4 years:

Case Study 2 - Cafe

  1. Exceptional business vision and purpose of founders.
  2. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  3. Strong development and maintenance of the Business Plan.
  4. Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report system routines.
  5. Action Centred Leadership and Management.
  6. Recruitment and development of team.

Main reasons for 100% growth in revenues over 4 years:

Case Study 3 - Poultry Centre

  1. Exceptional business vision and purpose of founders.
  2. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  3. Action Centred Leadership and Management.
  4. Recruitment and development of team.
  5. Strong development and maintenance of the Business Plan.
  6. Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report system routines.

Main reasons for 500% growth in revenues over 4 years:

Case Study 4 - Bathroom Retailer

  1. Determination and persistence of founders.
  2. Development and Consistency to offer.
  3. Recruitment and development of team.
  4. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  5. Exceptional PPC-SEO strategies and website development.
  6. Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report system routines.
  7. Action Centred Leadership and Management.

Main reasons for 140% growth in revenues over 2 years:

Case Study 5 - Marketing Agency (Supplyant)

  1. Founders interest in self development.
  2. Forecast-Plan-Implement-Report system routines.
  3. Development and Consistency to offer.
  4. Recruitment and development of team.
  5. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  6. Consistent and persistent contact with client database.
  7. Action Centred Leadership and Management.

Main reasons for 100% growth in revenues over 2 years:

Case Study 6 - Home & Garden Retailer (Supplyant)

  1. Exceptional ADWORDS strategies.
  2. Early adopters of fire and stove sales online.
  3. Rigorous Test & Measurement Conversion strategies.
  4. AIDA based Merchandising.
  5. Modern and Responsive website build.
  6. 'Remarkable' Marketing, Sales and Customer Service strategies.
  7. Action Centred Leadership and Management.

Main reasons for 235% growth in revenues over 2 years:

  1. Transition to a FastTrack100 company.
  2. Transition to an Internet Magazine top 500 company.
  3. 100% increase in paid advertising performance.
  4. Expansion to international retailer via a strong paid advertising campaign.
  5. Growth from a small startup to a £25m organisation.
  6. Very high repeat purchase rates from a conversion tested email marketing programme.

Main reasons for 532% growth in revenues over 2 years:

Case Study 7 - Health & Fitness Retailer (Supplyant)

  1. Massively multichannel - operating on websites, ebay and amazon in over 30 countries.
  2. From a small eBay seller to a £11m turnover over 5 years.
  3. East Midlands entrepreneur of the year.
  4. Now selling over 150,000 SKU's.
  5. Expanding websites into Germany and France.
  6. Websites have increased conversion rate x2 through a conversion rate optimisation programme.
  7. Exceptional ADWORDS strategies.

Main reasons for 1077% growth in revenues over 2 years:

Case Study 8 - Fashion Retailer (Supplyant)

Information on case studies can be supplied on request.

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Tim Major is no stranger to success as both a business owner and competitive player in the corporate world…  Leaving a lucrative 15year career in corporate FMCG sales in 1988, Tim started on his entrepreneurial journey in the world of Licensed Apparel, enjoying great commercial success vending Sports and Music related merchandise at International events across Europe. Since 1999, moving back to the UK with his family, Tim has worked exclusively as a private Business Development Advisor helping many businesses to achieve stability and commercial success in such diverse fields as Electronic Manufacturing, Aviation, Retail, Leisure, Telecommunications, and Wholesale Distribution.

In January of 2007 Tim decided to work closer to home and his family. Foregoing his weekly commutes into Europe to realise his ambition to take on the challenging and fulfilling role of working with the owners of local small to medium enterprises, assisting the Business Owners to develop their businesses and create more wealth using proven business strategies and his own deep knowledge of business. 

Tim is a very experienced businessman and has a successful track record in sales, marketing and team building, both in the companies he has advised, and in the corporate market.

Living and working in many parts of Europe has given Tim an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist for businesses in urban and rural areas, whether they are small or large organizations.  

Tim’s experience is diverse with his career taking him through many industries, including, wholesale, on-line retail, retail, the service industry, catering, recruitment, printing, advertising and marketing. He has worked with companies from 2 to 2000 team members, whilst also working with schools and coaching sporting teams.

Tim’s passion is for Business Development and he has successfully developed teams in telesales and service support, and has many major ‘wins’ listed on his resume, including big increases in sales, profits, and large gains in productivity.

To date, since 2007, over 30 Business Owners have worked with Tim in developing their businesses. In some cases, their businesses have developed from local to national businesses with the owners going on to achieve millionaire status. Others have been transformed from loss making situations to successful businesses with long term futures. In most cases the business owner’s lives have changed for the better with more wealth and more time off to enjoy it. Tim can provide a contact list of these business owners who are happy to be called.  

Tim, very much at home in Northamptonshire with his wife and business partner Aileen, has a passion for business and an innate skill in bringing out the best in the people with whom he works.

Who's behind your business' success?

Introducing Tim Major

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